Troubleshooting Printer Alignment Issues Using Test Pages

Print Alignment Test Page for Printer

The printer is a hardware device that is classified as an output device that is used to produce results like a monitor. The difference is that the image monitor is on the screen while the printer if you want to see the image must be printed first.

Before printing, we should test the printer first to find out the results. Doing a printer test first is very helpful in anticipating damage to the print results which leads to a lot of paper being wasted because the print results are bad.

Print Alignment Test Page

If your printer is misaligned, your document will not print correctly. Sometimes images and text are not printed directly, and sometimes they are not printed at all. Misalignment may occur if the paper is jammed inside the printer, ink cartridge is dirty or clogged, cartridge is installed incorrectly, or you are using a low-quality cartridge. In addition, after completing a long print job, the printer alignment may shift. If the printer doesn’t print correctly, try running a test run of the printer test page.

The test page test is also very useful for those of you who print forms. This text alignment test ensures everything printed is printed in the right place on the stock form. When you perform an alignment test, the report prints placeholder text on a blank page. Placeholder text is printed where there are variables.

Printer testing using online tools provided by is quite helpful for you to see the printouts. Some people may not know or even be confused about doing a printer alignment test page like this.

How to Test Page Alignment for Printer

Below are the steps for the printer alignment test page:

  1. Prepare A4 paper about 60 grams thick
  2. Put the paper into the printer input tray trying not to be 1 paper but it is better to use at least 10 papers so that the towing role of the paper is not heavy.
  3. Select the page you want to print “Gray, CMYK, Color” then click “Print Test”.

After pressing the Print Test button the paper will be interested and the printer prints immediately. If the print results are bad or the lines are not aligned, then you can do printer troubleshooting or run repairs yourself by printer cleaning because cleaning also helps the printout to improve and can be used again.

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