The Best Printer Paper for Certificates – A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Printer Paper for Certificates

Printer Paper for Certificates

As a printing expert with years of experience, I understand the importance of selecting the right paper for printing certificates. The type of paper used can greatly impact the appearance and quality of the final product. In this article, we’ll explore the best printer paper for certificates and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Understanding the Importance of Choosing the Right Printer Paper for Certificates

When it comes to printing certificates, the quality of the paper used is just as important as the design and content. The right paper can add a level of professionalism and sophistication to the certificate, while the wrong paper can make it look cheap and unimpressive.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Printer Paper for Certificates

When selecting printer paper for certificates, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  1. Weight: The weight of the paper refers to its thickness and density. Heavier-weight paper tends to be more durable and has a higher quality feel. For certificates, we recommend using paper with a weight of at least 80lb.
  2. Finish: The finish of the paper refers to the surface texture. There are several different finishes available, including glossy, matte, and satin. Glossy paper tends to be more reflective and shiny, while matte paper has a more subdued, non-reflective finish. For certificates, we recommend using a matte or satin finish to reduce glare and improve readability.
  3. Color: The color of the paper can also impact the final look of the certificate. White paper is the most common choice, but there are also other colors available, such as ivory or cream. When selecting paper color, consider the color of the ink used in the certificate design.
  4. Archival Quality: If the certificate is meant to be kept for a long period of time, it’s important to choose paper that is acid-free and archival quality. This will help prevent the paper from yellowing or deteriorating over time.

Best Printer Paper for Certificates

After careful consideration of the factors above, we’ve selected the following printer papers as the best options for certificates:

Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 80lb

Neenah Classic Crest Solar White

This paper is a popular choice for certificates due to its high quality feel and bright white color. It has a smooth, matte finish that is perfect for printing text and graphics.

Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite 80lb

Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite

This paper is another great option for certificates. It has a smooth, matte finish and a bright white color that makes text and graphics stand out.

Southworth Parchment Specialty Paper 24lb

Parchment Specialty Paper

If you’re looking for a more classic, vintage look for your certificates, this parchment paper is a great option. It has a textured finish and a warm, ivory color that adds a touch of elegance to any certificate.

How to Print Certificates on Printer Paper

Once you’ve selected the right printer paper for your certificates, it’s important to ensure that they are printed correctly. Here are some tips for printing certificates on printer paper:

  • Use a high-quality printer: A high-quality printer will produce better results and ensure that the text and graphics are crisp and clear.
  • Adjust the printer settings: Make sure that the printer settings are adjusted to match the paper type and weight. This will ensure that the paper feeds through the printer correctly and that the ink is applied evenly.
  • Test print: Before printing the final certificates, it’s a good idea to do a test print on regular paper to check for any formatting or alignment issues.


Choosing the best printer paper for certificates can make all the difference in creating a professional-looking and long-lasting document. When shopping for certificate paper, be sure to consider the thickness, texture, and color of the paper to ensure that it meets your needs.

There are many great options available, including specialty papers like parchment and metallic finishes, as well as eco-friendly options made from recycled materials. By taking the time to choose the right paper for your certificates, you can create a lasting memento of achievement and recognition.

As a printing expert, Carl Abel recommends investing in high-quality certificate paper to make a lasting impression. With the right paper and printer, you can create certificates that are both beautiful and durable. See also The Best Printer Paper for Greeting Cards

Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on the best printer paper for certificates. We hope that this article has been helpful in your search for the perfect paper. If you have any further questions, feel free to refer to our FAQs section or reach out to a printing expert for advice.


  1. What makes a good printer paper for certificates?
    A good printer paper for certificates should have a few key qualities. It should be thick enough to feel substantial and high-quality, yet not too thick that it can’t be easily printed on. It should also have a smooth texture to ensure that the ink doesn’t bleed or smudge. Lastly, it should have a bright white color to make the text and images on the certificate pop.
  2. Can I use regular printer paper for certificates?
    While regular printer paper can be used for certificates, it won’t have the same professional look and feel as a specialized certificate paper. Regular paper may also not be thick enough, causing it to feel flimsy and less durable.
  3. What type of printer should I use for certificate printing?
    You can use both inkjet and laser printers for certificate printing, but it’s important to choose a printer that can handle thicker paper stock. Make sure to check your printer’s specifications before purchasing paper to ensure compatibility.
  4. Can I print certificates at home or do I need to go to a print shop?
    You can definitely print certificates at home with a high-quality printer and the right paper. However, if you’re looking for a more professional finish, you may want to consider going to a print shop that specializes in certificate printing.
  5. Are there any eco-friendly options for certificate paper?
    Yes, there are eco-friendly options for certificate paper. Look for papers that are made from recycled materials or have certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) to ensure that they are sourced responsibly.

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