How to Improve Printer Test Print Image Quality

How to Improve Printer Test Print Image Quality

On this occasion, we will unpack the secrets to improve the quality of your printer test print images. Get expert tips, troubleshooting advice, and optimization strategies to get the best results from your printer.

You must be worried if you have experienced less sharp image print prints on photo paper or A4. Especially if you need printouts urgently. If you’ve ever experienced this incident, don’t worry because we can’t possibly be indifferent to the obscure outcome either.

Before really knowing how to overcome printing images that are not clear on paper, maybe you can try setting the printer settings, because the results may not be clear due to improper device settings.

The first thing that needs to be done is to prepare a blank paper of any type, such as F4, A4, or photo paper. Insert this paper in the printer input tray then press the print test button below to carry out the image print test process. Before printing, you will be faced with a printer dialog box, select the Properties option. Next look for the Print Quality > High option. This setting itself is intended so that the printer automatically provides print results with maximum quality.

Printer Test Print Image

Printer Test Print Image

Print TestDownload

After doing these steps, if the print result of the image printed on letter paper remains unclear, there are several factors that may be the cause. Leakage in the cartridge or blockage of the ink cartridge may be the cause. In addition, improper or overcrowded ink filling is also another factor that causes blurry prints.

Other Ways to Improve Image Print Quality

Perform Cleaning on the Printer

When the print on F4 paper and photo paper is not clear, you don’t need to rush to bring it to the service place. First, check the condition of the printer because there may be dirty parts that affect the printout. Cleaning on the Printer can be done in 2 ways, namely head cleaning and deep head cleaning. You just need to enter the Control Panel menu, then select Devices and Printers. Select the printer installed on the device > click Printer properties > Maintenance, and click Cleaning. Then the head cleaning option will appear, select the all colors option to clean all colors, then click the execute button, click ok.

Drain the ink on the Cartridge

The next way to overcome the unclear print is to drain the ink contained in the cartridge. You do this by using a tissue and cleaning the cartridge head. This cleaning is done so that the ink comes out. Finished cleaning, refill again with new ink.

Try to Check if the Cartridge Head is clogged

Cleaning a clogged cartridge head is another way that can be done to overcome blurry print prints. Use warm water, but you must ensure that the water temperature is not too hot because it will further damage the cartridge head. Stick the tip of the head into the warm water for a few moments until you feel that there is blocked ink coming out. If you have difficulty using this method, you can use a head cartridge cleaner which is certainly widely available at your favorite printing machine shop.

Replace the leaking cartridge

The last way to deal with blurry image printouts on F4 paper or 55 gsm color is to replace the cartridge. Usually, an opaque print can be caused by a leak in the cartridge so you have to replace it with a new one. If it’s like that and you can’t handle it yourself, then immediately take the printer to the nearest serviceman so that the problem with your printer can be resolved immediately.

Overall, make sure you use a high-resolution printer to ensure the quality of the prints is sharp and clear. If you are interested in doing a printer test page please go to

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